About Biosanes

Biosanes.Faryn_NanciBiosanes evolved from a mother’s love and genuine concern when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare health complication at birth. Nanci Masso was a mother compelled to do something to keep her daughter, Faryn, strong and healthy after she was told Faryn would inevitably face a childhood of surgeries and uncertainty.

Faryn, thankfully, only had one major surgery; and today, is a healthy and active businesswoman, and mother of three. 25 years of research and development and a shared passion for health and wellness have now brought this mother and daughter together as partners in health and wellness, bringing you biosanes Nutrition and Health.
Committed to providing great tasting and powerful health and weight loss products that meet the needs of adults and children alike, biosanes’ core philosophy is in their name—Bio (Life) Sanes (From the Latin term Sanus, meaning Health). With an authentic passion for living a healthy and balanced life–Their full-line of innovative, all natural and effective Arabinogalactan products and supplements support your active lifestyle and are easy to enjoy.
Whether you are looking to maintain or lose weight, live a heart healthy life or simply want to better incorporate fiber into your daily diet—we invite you to fight fat, stay satisfied, boost immunity and GO. With biosanes.

Our Natural Magic

Biosanes products are packed with what we like to call Natural Magic or ARABINOGALACTAN- 100% Pure Soluble Fiber Supplement. AG is 100% soluble fiber derived from the Western Larch tree. Diets high in fiber can help reduce cholesterol and promote heart health. Arabinogalactan does that and so much more. A powerful weight loss and health tool, Arabinogalactan has been proven to aid  in digestion and encourages weight loss by encapsulating and removing fat from the body before it can be absorbed. AG taken in its purest form or combined with biosanes all natural meal replacement shakes and cookies can keep you from overeating and supports healthy glucose and cholesterol. What’s more, studies have shown AG to be more effective than Echinacea in its immune enhancing abilities.
It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about powering through your day.


From the Founders

Nanci Masso and Faryn Masso Clark
From our family to yours, we hope you’ll enjoy making weight loss permanent with the ‘magic’ of biosanes. Using our supplements, meal replacement products or a combination of both, achieving your health and weight loss goals has never been so easy and has never tasted so good. We’re with you every step of the way. Please contact us at nanci.masso@biosanes.com and faryn.clark@biosanes.com with your questions, stories and ideas.