Cathie Smith

On June 20, 2013, when I returned from a ten day vacation in Hawaii, I weighed 203 pounds!  I was aghast that I’d let myself get so heavy.  I started on the Biosanes Lose-It Advantage program of two shakes a day at the end of June along with a healthy diet of one main meal per day of a protein, very large salad, and vegetables, avoiding starchy carbs & most fruits.  I walk at least a half an hour every morning to boost my metabolism and to get outside and lift my spirits.  Within 4 months I was down 40 pounds, and that includes traveling back and forth to Mexico every 3 weeks on business and eating in hotels and out with clients, maintaining my plan as best I could but not as strictly as I could have had I stayed at home the whole time. The most important part is that I feel great and I can LIVE with this plan!

I had my cholesteral taken and it’s 153 with NO meds for 6 months!

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