Thanksgiving DIY Tips

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is almost a week away! That means people have begun to menu plan for the inevitable feast that will occur. Perhaps some have begun to shop for the many groceries they are going to need for said feast, such as the mounds of sweet potatoes, green beans, basically-any-vegetable-you-can-think-of for the casseroles that will be placed on the tables, the fruits for the pies and the mixes for the cakes and desserts, and let’s not forget what’s most important: the stuffing and the turkey. However, what about your table decor? I know most people are more concerned with the food, but let’s get a little bit more creative with what our food is being placed on. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing to impress your guests!

  1. Spray Paint Leaves: collect different shapes and sizes of leaves and spray paint them gold. Scatter them around a centerpiece to add a bit of nature to your table decor.
  2. Use Extra Herbs To Make A Centerpiece: arrange fresh herbs, such as sage, in a vase or milk jug to create a fragrant, beautiful, and even edible centerpiece arrangement.
  3. Pick Up Sticks: gather some fallen branches of similar length and girth, sand them if they are rough, and then add a festive pop of color by painting some of them in gold or white. Arrange them horizontally around a centerpiece or upright in a vase.

You can find these DIY tips and tricks and more over at Buzzfeed. What Thanksgiving Day DIY tips do you have?

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